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Many believe that the Ebola/Zika outbreak is a scam, a false flag event, just like the Swine flu back in 2009/2010. Crucell, one of the pharmaceutical companies involved in the Ebola scam was also, back then, given 69 million dollars by the NIH to produce vaccines, whilst Government agencies and so called, officials in the medical, media and health Industries pushed the agenda, falsely claiming the Level 3 epidemic. It must be noted that Anthony Fauci, manager of NIH, also holds the patent for the Swine Flu vaccination, along with Rumsfield. The WHO declared a non existant full scale flu pandemic, while the CDC, a traded for profit company went along with the hoax. Incidentally the CDC own the Ebola patent.

In the UK, the Govt, along with JCVI, (whose board members are mostly drug company insiders) made a deal with GSK to vaccinate the entire population, paying GSK, £883 Million. The discovery of live viruses in the vaccines, stopped the agenda and although criminal prosecutions ensued and fines issued for the Pharmaceutical companies, NONE of the corrupt agencies involved were reprimanded. The Ebola outbreak now coincides with mass vaccination programmes in the very same areas! Being pushed by all the same players! Once again, the vaccine is a money making scam, again, it will contain the real virus and will put you and the people you love at RISK.


GSK who have been given the contract to create the vaccine in UK for Ebola have recently been fined for corruption charges for failing to disclose TRIAL DATA information, bribing medical personnel, falsifying facts and have been fined billions. They have also contaminated water in Belgium by allowing the Polio Virus to enter water systems.



70% of the supposed victims of the Ebola outbreak have survived.

In 2009,technology was available which allowed researchers to test for Ebola and other viruses in minutes using a small portable device. This was created by Wellcome Trust and ASM. This suggests that reports of samples having to be sent to US/UK labs for verification was unnecessary and was used as a ploy to falsify the numbers of cases. Given the ties with Govts and the Wellcome trust, this shows the deception involved.



Nearly 72,000 cases of Zika have been reported in Colombia since October, with almost 13,000 occurring in pregnant women, ONLY 4 CASES HAVE BEEN LINKED TO MICROCEPHALY

Approximately 25,000 babies are born yearly in the US with microcephaly. The population is just under 320 million.

4000 cases of Microcephaly were reported in Brazil with a population of 200 Million. Less than 100 were reported to have had ” some relationship ” to Zika.

This proves that something ” other” than Zika is causing Microcephaly, so what can that be?

A pesticide named Pyriproxyfen was added to the drinking water in Brazil in 2014. The pesticide was added to the water supply in the same area that a problem was first noticed.It was also sprayed in 2015.

In Pernambuco.

Pernambuco has the fastest  growing population. A report by a team of Doctors and Researchers in the area proposed that the real cause of Microcephaly was Pyriproxyfen.

Pyriproxyfen (C20H19NO3), which is produced by Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. of Tokyo, Japan and recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), is a pyridine-based pesticide designed to eradicate mosquitoes that may carry diseases.

In October 2014, the Brazilain Ministry of Health also vaccinated pregnant women in their 27th and 36th week of gestation with a vaccine called Tdap. It was also given 20 days prior to birth. Even though NO safety effects had been established . The vaccine contained Pertussis which is known to cause brain damage.

In the summer of 2015, Dr Kathryn Edwards, Director of the Vanderbilt Vaccine Research Program was given $307,000 grant from the Gates Foundation to study the Immune responses of pregnant women given Tdap.

Atrazine and  Metolachlor are both used in Brazil. Both are linked to fetal growth restriction.

Genetically modified Mosquitos were also released in the same area.

GM Mosquitos were also previously released in Brazil to control Dengue,Since then, elevated levels of Dengue have been reported.

The WHO has declared Zika an International emergency without the evidence to back up these claims, why? Links and posts within this website may well have the answer.


Just after WW1 the government ordered the mass vaccination of returning troops to prevent the spread of diseases from foreign climes. This was the world’s first mass vaccination program resulting in the deaths of more than 20 million people world wide due to the untested virus laden vaccine. This came to be known as ‘the Spanish flu’

labOn 17th September 2014 a trial involving 60 UK volunteers started for the Ebola vaccine. Despite Dr Bentleuman, a Virologist, stating the trial was risky. Also against medical standard practice that vaccines are usually tested for ten years before given to the public. Despite the fact that past vaccines have been shown to cause adverse affects, phocomelia due to thalidomide just one example.

In Nigeria in 2007, mutations within the Polio vaccine led to a Polio epidemic within that country! Dr Leslie Lobel, a scientist working with Ugandan Virus Research and the US military, who had been working on ways to devise giving long term immunity against Ebola for ten long years, stated on the 7th Aug 2014 that he was still 3-5 years away from creating a safe vaccine. All this can clearly show a very dangerous experimental vaccine being fast tracked to you without proper procedures for safety. It is also important to realise that official documents exist that prove that the UN and many others held meetings to discuss the exploitation of those same areas in 2013, the countries involved are part of the Manu river Union.

Event Chronicle 14th Oct 2014

People in the Western World need to know what’s happening here in West Africa. THEY ARE LYING!!! “Ebola” as a virus does NOT Exist and is NOT “Spread”. The Red Cross has brought a disease to 4 specific countries for 4 specific reasons and it is only contracted by those who receive treatments and injections from the Red Cross. That is why Liberians and Nigerians have begun kicking the Red Cross out of their countries and reporting in the news, the truth.



No pictures of victims in Africa, Sierra Leone, Liberia, or Guinea etc. Have been released. People being ferried around by Hazmat covered workers IS NOT PROOF. People laying on the floor IS NOT PROOF. Even though the people in these “infected” areas have mobile phones and access to the Internet no photo’s have surfaced of bodies bleeding from ears and eyes.

But we do have pictures and videos of CRISIS ACTORS being used for footage.

Please google this or go to –


A plain clothes man standing near hazmat suited workers transferring the second Dallas health care worker diagnosed with Ebola to a plane at Dallas Love Field had everyone asking, “Why?”


So who are the players within this latest “Reported Epidemic” and what are their credentials as far as transparency and corruption goes?

  • Department of health – Documents exist that show the DOH has ignored data showing vaccines to be unsafe, they also show they reinforce questionable data. http://childhealthsafety.wordpress.com/2012/03/14/government-experts-cover-up-vaccine-hazards/
  • Joint committee on vaccines and immunizations – made up of members including drug company insiders. A statute since 2009 has changed the law on vaccine policy and mass vaccination policy making it compulsory for your government to comply with the JCVI. Proof that corruption exists included the 1000’s of reactions after the Ceravix vaccines which the JCVI said where minor. An expert, Dr Diane Harper, responsible for safety standards in vaccinations, Gardadil and Cervavix, said in her speech, meant to promote these vaccinations took a turn when she stated over 150,000 girls suffered serious side affects such as blood clots, paralysis and even death. Also stating that the trials where conducted on 15 year old females yet was given to children as young as 9 and also accidentally given to male children too. While no evidence supports the vaccines prevented anything.
  • The British Medical Association – The BMA had pushed GP’s to give the Swine flu vaccines. The GP’s were sent a 24 page dossier claiming a level 3 pandemic. It also stated on page 21 “You are entitled to remain silent only when your evidence may lead to criminal proceedings taken against you”. A full scale non existent, flu pandemic was declared, the cost of unused vaccines was £150 million, paid for by tax payers, after the pandemic was shown to be false. Meanwhile many people who took the vaccine now suffer from Narcolepsy.
  • Global alliance for vaccines and immunizations – UK government is one of the GAVIs biggest donors and has many pharmaceutical industry reps on its governing board. They set the price for vaccines, stimulates the need and using public money and money from “donors” is highly involved in the vaccine process. The pharmaceutical companies then sell the vaccines to other countries, which the GAVI pay for, then the companies collect that money back from the special fund called Advance Market commitment. They set a price for vaccines involving the same companies that stand to profit?…. and that’s not a conflict of interest?

Organizations like this are complicit in ensuring corporate welfare at the expense of the public and the publics health!

If it is true, that there were three American Ebola cases, who supposedly, came back to the USA, to be cured and after being given a serum, walked out of the hospital Ebola free, then why the need for mass vaccinations, quarantine of healthy people, soldiers being sent to set up hospitals, billion dollar deals, changes in our rights, when all they really would have to do is simple, stop flights from those countries affected, monitor anyone who shows signs of Ebola properly and if they have it, quarantine them and give them the serum, that miraculously works!


Do want to be injected with an unsafe untested vaccine?

Do you want your children to receive that vaccine?

Can you protect yourself and those you love naturally?

Can you really trust what is happening and what you’re being told?

Corruption in Sierra Leone and Liberia

The corruption not just involving the ‘Ebola outbreak’.


Ann Carey talks about Ebola and the fears of a vaccine…



A group set up to provide information on the Ebola-hoax, vaccines and any unanswered questions you may have



An article on those involved in the Ebola vaccine, including Monsanto, those who gave us Agent Orange and GMO crops. Can they be trusted?


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